SEO tips and guidelines



To start at the beginning SEO means search engine optimisation. If you want to attract visitors to your site through searches then the search engines need to know that it exists. They also need to find it relevant to its subject so you need to optimise the site for that purpose without detracting from its attractiveness to real people. Here are some SEO tips and guidelines to help you.

  1. Before you even buy a domain, do your keyword research for your chosen niche. You don’t want there to be too many competing sites for the same keyword so use long tailed keywords. For example, rather than choosing “baby clothes”, use “hand made baby clothes” or “designer baby clothes”.
  2. One of the best SEO tips and guidelines is to select a dot com domain, next best is dot info. Use your keywords in the domain name, for example or you can use hyphens between the words if you prefer.
  3. Use the keyword phrase as your site title or include it in your site title.
  4. Don’t forget to use meta keywords and description in your page heading. For WordPress users, the Free Traffic Getting SEO plugin will do all the hard work for you.
  5. Create a sitemap. If you’re using WordPress the XML-Sitemap plugin will do all the hard work for you and submit it to the major search engines.
  6. Occasionally bolding italicising or hyperlinking the keyword for which you want your page to rank will attract the search engines, but don’t overdoseo agency bakersfieldit or you’ll drive away your human visitors.
  7. Use keywords at a rate of about 2 – 3% in your posts; no more or it will be unnatural and irritating to your readers.
  8. If you’re using images, don’t forget to complete the “alt” attribute with your keywords.
  9. Avoid using too many flash images; it is against most SEO tips and guidelines because the search engine spiders can’t recognise them.
  10. If you’re using WordPress set your permalinks /%postname%. This means that the URL for your posts will consist of your domain name followed by your post name which will contain your keywords.
  11. Many SEO tips and guidelines strongly suggest that you don’t link multiple domain names as the engines will penalise you.
  12. Submit articles and comments to sites related to your niche to gain backlinks.
  13. Submit articles to high ranking article directories for even more backlinking.
  14. Exchange links with high ranking websites; the search engines take this as signifying your sites importance.


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