Advanced Product Protection – 4 Tips to Prevent Piracy

 Advanced Product Protection – 4 Tips to Prevent Piracy


Assuming you sell an advanced item on the web, you will need to find ways to forestall computerized burglary. Theft is almost difficult to stop altogether, yet some of the time it’s simply too simple to even think about getting at digital locker price in bd your item. The following are a couple of tips that will assist with making it harder.


  1. Your thank you page: Name your thank you page with irregular characters. If not, it very well might be feasible to utilize Google to look for itself and effectively get your item without paying for it. Attempt it for yourself. Go to your webpage, use Google to look “much obliged” or “download” for your website as it were. You’ll likely be amazed.


  1. Confine search bots access: Search bots examine your root space for a record named “robots.txt”. This document lets them know where they are permitted to look. There is no such thing as assuming that the record, there will be no limitation and it will be exceptionally simple to track down your item. For definite language structure, do a hunt on Google.


  1. Encode your Paypal button: If you are utilizing paypal to get installments, you’ll need to scramble the button. It’s a choice that you can pick while making the button. On the off chance that it’s not encoded, clients will know the specific location of the download page by drifting their mouse over the button.


  1. Use assurance programming: The best asset to secure your advanced item is a product planned by Armand Morin called “Item Padlock”. Item Padlock is compelling at ensuring a wide range of computerized item by limiting admittance to the document by utilizing a blend of a code and the client’s IP address. Regardless of whether the record is shared, it will be unusable on some other IP. It likewise empowers you to deactivate any discounted items. An excessive number of individuals purchase an item, request a discount and continue to utilize the item. Ensure your privileges.

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