Alternate Weapons For the Survivalist

 Alternate Weapons For the Survivalist


We currently reside in an age where horrific changes are occurring around our country. On a daily basis we witness wildfires, floods, drought, crop failure, rampant diseases, school shootings and 45 Long Colt Ammo for sale.  unheard of increases in crime levels within our cities. Many people have lost their confidence in our elected officials and often wonder if things can get any worse.

In reality, none of these events are new at all. Most have occurred in our past and will certainly happen in our future. Although things look bad at this time most of the people have kept silent and really not had their actual say yet. Those days are yet to arrive and are not really looked forward to however when those times arrive and the going gets rough it is time to let your imagination rise to new heights.

One of the most important pieces of survival gear in an out and out crisis is going to be some sort of weapon. This weapon would be useful for self defense as well as for providing food to put on the family table. Often people are unable to obtain a weapon but desperately would like to have one for self defense. They may not be able to afford the high cost of owning a handgun or a rifle or for some reason or other simply can not obtain a permit to purchase one. In these cases there are alternative methods that can be used.

One such method consists of a pellet or BB gun. These inexpensive “kids” weapons can inflict considerable damage upon an attacker when used as designed or with lethal metal darts. One such weapon is the Crossman CO2 .177 cal pellet and BB pistol. These seemingly harmless guns are capable of some serious shooting. When equipped with a standard dart board type dart these pellet guns can put that dart through a dart board made of ½ inch cork mounted to ½ inch white pine and far into the concrete block back wall all from a distance of 50 feet. Ammo for these small but capable rifles and pistols is limited merely by your imagination should you be confronted in a pinch. A little bit of experimentation would quickly reveal a long list of potentially lethal ammunition.



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