Bras – What Bra Size Do I Really Wear?  

 Bras – What Bra Size Do I Really Wear?


Sizing is everything! The most important factor in buying a bra is knowing your exact bra size. Bra Sizing can be determined by taking a few easy measurements bra size calculator

. Begin by wearing your best fitting bra (unpadded and not a minimizer bra). You also need a soft measuring tape and a mirror (otherwise use a string and a yard stick). If possible, have someone other than yourself measure you (with your unpadded bra).

Step 1: Under Bust for Bra Band Size

Wearing your unpadded bra, hold the tape snugly around your ribcage, directly under the breast. Note the measurement in inches.

Underbust Measurement _____________

Plus 3″ if Under Bust is Odd number _____________

Plus 4″ Under Bust is an even number _____________

= Band Size _____________

Example 35″ + 3= 38″ Band Size

Example 34″ + 4″=38″ Band Size

Step 2: Upper Bust Measurement to Verify Bra Band Size

Hold the tape snugly above the bust under the arms. Note the measurement in inches. This measurement should equal your bra band size calculation without adding inches; however, if the measurement is an odd number add an inch. Note: Larger measurement=broad back, Smaller measurement=small back.

Upper Bust (no inches added) = Lower Bust (with inches)= Band Size

Step 3: Full Bust to Determine Bra Cup Size




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