Build Your Own Chicken House – 4 Tips For a Great Run

 Build Your Own Chicken House – 4 Tips For a Great Run


So you know that any sort of chicken coop worth it’s salt needs a run right? I bet you also think that just any old thing will do, so long as it keeps the chicken Francostone s in? Actually, keeping your chickens in their run should be the last of your concerns when you build your own chicken house.

These are the four things that you should be thinking about when you build your own chicken house run.


The run should allow for around 10-15 square feet per bird (Bantams will need less space, If you are running older standard size chickens then go for the 15). this way the girls all have their space, there will be less chance of squabbles and the run will actually be easier to clean.


More important than keeping your chickens in, a run is your first line of defence when it comes to keeping predators out. Now I know, it’s a fence. But have you given any thought to how high that fence will need to be?

How about how deep into the ground it needs to go? There are many predators – like the fox and raccoon, that will dig under your fence and grab your hens.

What about the type of netting that you will need to use? I know that yo



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