Building Your Own First Aid Kit  

 Building Your Own First Aid Kit


Why do we need a first aid kit in the first place?

The primary purpose of a first aid kit is to have enough medical stores so that in the event of an accident, a certified first aider is able to use them to assess correctly, and render appropriate medical treatment to the custom first aid kit box casualty until the casualty is transported to a higher medical facility.

Getting Started

Before starting, you should use the following three questions to help you decide the items to be put in your custom-made first aid kit:

  1. What is the working environment?
  2. Are medical stores easily available?
  3. What are the injuries to expect?

Below is a list of suggested items for a general first aid kit, which should be sufficient to treat up to 20 light-wounded casualties. However, discretion must still be made by the reader to whether it is enough for the target population and should there be any subtraction or addition to the items listed.

It is strongly advised that irregardless of the environment, the primary and secondary dressings should not be altered too much as they are useful in many situations.

Checklist Of A General First Aid Kit

Primary Dressings

30 Alcohol swabs (Disinfecting)
20 pieces of plasters (Adhesive bandage)
5 pieces of 10cm x 10cm Melolin (Non-Adhesive Bandage)
5 cotton gauzes in a sterile container

Secondary Dressings

6 packs of triangular bandage
4 First Aid Dressing
2 Shell Dressing
2 Burn dressing
2 Crepe bandage
1 tube of chlorohexidine cream (Antiseptic cream)
1 small bottle of sodium chloride



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