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Q: What is a Minuet kitten?
A: Minuet is a relatively newly recognized breed – a beautiful breed growing in popularity! It is a crossbreed between a classic doll face Persian and a Munchkin. We have been breeding beautiful Minuet kittens since 2007.

Q: What does STANDARD and NONSTANDARD Minuet mean?
A: On average, 50% of Minuet kittens are born STANDARD – with short legs and the other 50% have regular-sized legs. Those are called NONSTANDARD Minuets. Standards are not only shorter, but nearly always also smaller.

Q: Why do you love Minuet (Napoleon) kittens? What makes them unique?
A: There are so many reasons. We love cats but we don’t enjoy having a cat on our dining table or kitchen counter. Standard Minuet does not jump on your counter. They are friendly, loving, playful, and funny!
Our cattery started by breeding Persian kittens. Silver and Golden, which are the smallest division of Persians.
In 2007 we got very excited about Minuets – because of all the advantages they have over Persians. Our first Minuet kittens were born 07/07/2007 and we fell in love with them ever since. Now we breed only Minuets.
Minuets are much smaller than an average Persian cat. They are dwarf kittens. Our adult Minuets weigh between 4-7 lbs, while a regular Persian cat could be 12-18 lbs. If a cat smaller than 9-10 lbs is considered “a teacup size” – then all of our Minuets would be considered teacup cats.
Other top 3 reasons we love Minuets: They are much more playful even as adults. Their coats are easier to manage. Their coats are very silky, which makes that daily combing and grooming unnecessary: most of our Minuets require combing only once a week or less. We also breed short hair Minuets – which more and more families prefer now. Lastly, standard Minuets are even smaller than nonstandard ones. Some of them are good jumpers but THEY WILL NOT JUMP ON YOUR TABLE OR KITCHEN COUNTER (not even when you are not home!)

Q: What is the health of Minuets like?
A: We breed for health. Minuets are a healthy breed. They do not have diseases related to breed. Since they are more related to Persians than to Munchkins we tested all our adult breeders for PKD – Polycystic Kidney Diseases and they are all negative. When parents are negative, kittens cannot inherit PKD.
Some health problems can be triggered or aggravated by inbreeding, and some Persian cats in the US were or are in-bred. Because Minuets are a crossbreed between two breeds, we breed completely unrelated cats, thus inbreeding is eliminated, and health is improved. We vaccinate all our kittens with a quadruple kitten vaccine (killed viruses) at the age of about 6-7 weeks and again 9-10 weeks. They are wormed twice at the same age.

Q: Why do you recommend adopting two kittens?
A: I personally never had just one kitten. Getting two kittens at the same time is best for both your family and the kittens. You will have 10 times more fun with two kittens than with just one. It is a whole new world! The kitten will have his buddy with him when leaving his mother and our cattery, and the travel and transition will be so much smoother. All the crying (and meowing) of the first days will be eliminated, and stress from the new environment will be cut in half.
Two kittens will keep each other company when you are not home. Each kitten needs at least one feline and one human companion. We also discount the second kitten and we charge only one shipping fee for both. One standard and one nonstandard kitten is the best combination. Unfortunately, your elderly cat is not a suitable companion for a young kitten. He can watch the kitten play, but will not interact much with him, so even if you do have a cat at home, you still need to consider two young kittens.
Based on 12 years of experience of breeding, we know they miss feline to feline interaction, and we suggest they get adopted together. A boy and a girl make the best combination. Two boys are still a better combination than two girls.

Q: What is a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit?
A: When a kitten is reserved for you, it is taken off the market, so to speak. It is your kitten now, you are just waiting for him/her to come home to you when you are finally ready to receive the Minuet kitten. The kitten is now not available to others, who may also be interested.
(Canceling suddenly triggers a large amount of new bathing, new grooming for photographing, cropping, publishing, advertising, new communication with new possible families. There is a lot of time involved with it and all that makes the kitten more expensive.) The DEPOSIT is $400, but please be sure about your kitten before you pay, since as with all other catteries, the deposit is not refundable.

Q: Are you able to ship your kittens?
A: Yes, we are able to ship kittens. During this Covid-19 time, regulations change frequently, and we have to be more aware of whether we are able to ship with certain airlines or not. Many have temporarily suspended or altered their pet travel programs. We do use several airlines.

Q: Can I come to see a kitten?
A: After some unfortunate experiences we are not open to the public anymore. The rules are nearly the same as for any Internet purchasing. We used to welcome our prospective families in our private home for the past 8 years, in spite of them coming sometimes in big groups, with kids, relatives, and schoolmates. It is not safe to invite into our home someone we met on the Internet and we believe most of you would be hesitant to do that as well. So thank you in advance for understanding.
During this COVID-19 pandemic, we are being very conservative, and not really allowing kitten visitations.

Q: How about the kitten’s pedigree?
A: All our breeding cats are pedigree cats, they are all registered with TICA and Persians also with CFA.
Your kitten comes with a Contract and a Health Certificate and with a one year guarantee against a hereditary disease. You are not allowed to breed our kittens without breeding rights, which have to be agreed upon, ahead of time. Part of the Contract is, that the kitten has to be neutered at the age of 6-8 months. After you provide us with a veterinary proof that the kitten was spayed, and when arranged ahead of time, then we can forward you the kitten’s registration documents. 90% of families do not request registration.

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