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Lego rock raiders windows 10 download free.Lego Rock Raiders Download

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Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7//Vista/WinXP Game Reviews Lego’s latest (and greatest) line of building blocks involves a bunch of cosmic miners called Rock Raiders.8/10(13). In , LEGO Media International, Inc. publishes LEGO Rock Raiders on Windows. This strategy game is now abandonware and is set in a real-time and licensed title/5(). Apr 16,  · Lego Rock Raiders is a video game developed by Data Design Interactive and published by Lego Media for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation. It is based on the Lego theme of the same name. The Microsoft Windows version was released on 15 November , while a differently built game for PlayStation was released on 17 August

LEGO Rock Raiders – Old Games Download – LEGO Rock Raiders

There are several missions, for each mission your team will conduct deep underground mining.


Lego rock raiders windows 10 download free. Lego Rock Raiders PC Game Download Full Version


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What is GOG. If you believe that a wish duplicates another one or is not meant for the category, use Options button above to report a duplicate or spam. If there is an item you wish to have on GOG. Yes please, will definitely purchase it if it comes ut on gog! This was THE game that got me into gaming as a very young child. My physical copy broke when I was in fourth grade and I have long since wanted to play this again, especially because I was too young to understand how to beat all the missions.

I would buy this in a heartbeat if it were able to be restored and made available here on GOG. This takes me back! My CD copy is unusable on modern systems, I would love to experience this little game again. My mom threw out my original box : , i manage to play this on w10 with special tools but damn three last missions was broken. Recently i finally complete my Lego SR toys collection. And i would be thrilled if this was playable on new systems so please bring back my childhood.

This feels like such a great candidate for GOG. I personally would buy this game on GOG the instant it’s made available. Almost regardless of price, honestly. Big part of mine and others childhood and a seriously underated game. This is one of the very first PC games I played, and it’s definitely a classic. I wouldn’t even need updated graphics, just make it run on a modern Windows 10 PC and I’ll buy it in an instant.

I would buy this instantly! I played this so much as a kid, but my CD has disappeared. Even if I could find it again, apparently it doesn’t work on modern systems.

But I desperately want to play it again! Absolutely loved playing this game as a kid, and still kick a kick out of it at nearly 30 years of age. Last time I played it was on Windows XP, and it played well, but had some weird glitches due to the CD spinning down, then when the music ran out, it would have to spin the disc back up.

If your drive was too slow or anything at all went weird, the game would hard lock or crash. Until GOG makes this happen, I may have to build a retro machine to play some of my old disc-based games! Grew up on the Norwegian version myself, still got the CD and case. Adding this comment just to say please add this game! I cannot get this game to work on W Oh wow.. I just thought GOG already had this game. But now I really want you guys to port it to Win10!

Even though this game is quite easy as an adult it is still kinda fun to play :. This game wont work on Win I got it to work on windows 7 with my cd but Windows 10 keeps freezing then crashing. Please make this game work on windows I want to play this on my new pc. One of my all-time favourite games. I have to use an old dusty potato to run this. Would love to see it on GOG. Played this so much when I was younger. Please add it :. Looking for this game aswell. Please add this one!!

I’m trying every dodgy download site, but I can’t make any of the downloads work :. Omg yes please! Used to play this as a kid and would love to play it again. I have it on cd. However I want it in a different language than English. I grew up with my mother tounge langauge. Any ideas on how? I remember playing Lego Rock Raiders and never managing to get past about the third level.

A really unique game in many ways and a surprisingly deep one too. Best lego game ever made and was really surprised it wasn’t on here already would buy it multiple times if it was. I played this for months when I was a child. One of the best games ever made! Even has a modding community. I would buy this on day 1. I can actually get my original copy working on my Windows 10 PC but the in-game music won’t play.

A DRM- and hassle-free way to get this running on modern Windows would be so wonderful. That being said, it’d almost certainly be worth the trouble. While they’re at it, LEGO should rerelease all their old games for modern computers. I get that, in terms of promotional material, they’re rendered obsolete on account of the sets they were based on being discontinued, but plenty of modern LEGO games have non-existent sets within them, so what’s the difference?

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