Leveraging Consumer Insights Using Omnibus Surveys

 Leveraging Consumer Insights Using Omnibus Surveys


No matter how great your business model happens to be, consumer insights are what ultimately matter. That’s because the desires of your customers and potential  productinsights.com customers are what makes the difference. Without satisfying those you’ll never make a sale or create demand for your services and products.

But to understand what a client or customer wants, you can only really do two different things.

  1. You can watch and see what they like, buy, and tell their friends about – and gauge your consumer insights that way.

This can be done, for example, by gleaning information from social networking sites. It also can be done by conducting an online omnibus survey that gathers feedback about such things as your current inventory selections, your price structure, and whether or not customers are referring others to you.

These kinds of consumer insights can be pinpointed by a skillful survey consultant who will design a specific online omnibus survey tied to other events or strategies. Offer a rewards program, for example, that gives an added incentive to your customers for repeat purchases; this is the whole concept behind frequent flier enrollments offered by airlines. But as you roll out that program be sure to connect it to an online omnibus survey that finds out exactly what rewards work best, what products the customers bought the second or third time around, and how you might convince them to bundle their purchases – buying several items each time they make a purchase.

Of course you can also design your online omnibus survey to explore and define a similar incentive to refer other customers or create a friends and family type of program. But to get the most from any type of campaign like this the key is to delve deeper through your surveys to uncover consumer insights that would otherwise be completely missed. Those are the profitable kinds of unique insights that put you ahead of the competition by giving you a more intimate understanding of the particular consumer insights of your best target market.



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