MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analytic Stress Induced Change of Direction

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analytic Stress Induced Change of Direction


Terrifying Immanent Change Ignites Substantial Life-Rejuvenating Soul’s Pleasure

Change scares most people far too much. Incalculable stress follows simply because people will not accept the irrefutable Psychosexologist fact that change is inevitable. It occurs every second, though, not necessarily registered, as such. People irrationally assume their lives are secure, safe and predominantly impervious to the unlikely events which may cause disruption IF they work to maintain and preserve the ‘way things are.’ Nothing could be further from the truth. What truth? The stark reality that they don’t like or want things to be any different than what they have grown accustomed to.

We view our circumstances with distorted eyes of preference reading the predictably static book of our lives in between the lines, “how can I hold onto this relationship,” (mate, career, money) “where do I need to make adjustments to keep things as they are,” (prestige, honor, admiration) to “what do I need to do to make certain nothing interferes with my current plans?” (favors, commitments, promises).

Many factors can and do trigger stress. Divorce, Death, Illness, Moving and the New Job are but a few of the events which cause us to tremble emotionally. We do what we can to limit the stress in our lives, usually in vain. Unfortunately, we don’t quite understand the beneficial effects of stress. Stress enables the human body to get through the ‘ups and downs’ of the life’s roller coaster ride. In other words, we are not without ammunition to prepare for and pivot through the circular unsettling storm. We have not taken in consideration, we are natural warriors who are effectually conditioned to meet and deal with any and every circumstance that ‘supposedly’ threatens us.

In fact, the word ‘threaten’ should be eliminated and replaced with making its abode with us for a season. Change does not mean danger. Our natural “fight or flight” response need not kick in. We are not being chased by a hungry tiger. We are merely approaching (going through) a not-yet- experienced avenue of unknown circumstances. We inaccurately access the situation in foreboding ways prior the event without justifiable cause. Note: the frenzied collapsing state of our worried, fretful, panicky, menacing, minds does not constitute rational justification.

We are not facing eminent doom or an impossible battle, merely a simple (no need to exaggerate) change of our presentably ‘preset’ environment. We do not need the adrenal glands to flood the bloodstream with high doses of adrenaline. We are more than capable of facing any incident which arises without our consideration, expectation, appreciation, validation or consent. Life will not ask us if we want the change but mercifully provides us with the psychological ways and means to overcome.

The bottom line: The one and only battle that ensues, (whenever we are under pressure) no matter what changes occur in our lives, is fought in the firing of the electrical synapses of the two pound grey massed matter of brain inside our skulls. We produce the, involuntarily unconscious, or voluntarily conscious spurious thought associated. In other words, we are hooked on personal drama, needing to create the idea that our lives are so important and significant, we inadvertently seek unnecessary problems to solve in the midst of the change.



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