Most Popular Kauai Wedding Locations

 Most Popular Kauai Wedding Locations


The breathtaking natural beauty of Hawaii, combined with the temperate climate that rarely reach anything below 70 degrees, make it easy to see why Hawaii is well on its way along the road of popular destination wedding locations, and why the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, in particular, provides the most beautiful and colorful variety of destination wedding settings.

Kee Beach – A Beach Rich with Natural Beauty and Legend

The coastline of this North Shore Romantic Message NFT  beach offer a splendid panoramic view of beautiful splashes of color that drift down into the water as the sun sets, making for a perfect backdrop that adds just the right touch to end your already memorable day.

In addition to the vibrant hues of that sunset, following a path lined by a low stone wall is a reef channel that makes for the setting of your perfect Hawaiian wedding. In view of the channel are the indigenous ruins and of the ancient site, Ka Ulu a Paoa Heiau (Paoa was the lover of the volcano goddess Pele), and a shrine to the goddess of hula, Laka. What location could be more appropriate for a romantic and festive wedding? Add a Kauai wedding package deal to the mix and everything is taken care of for you, leaving you nothing more to do than get married!

Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens – An Exotic and Tranquil Setting

This botanical garden has it all, a tranquil waterfall, flora, privacy, seascape, verdant lawns, beach access, and more. With 240 acres of paradisiacal conditions, it would be difficult to not to find the perfect setting for your perfect wedding, and it gets even easier with a wedding coordinator to arrange just the right Hawaiian package deal. That way all you are left to do is sit back and revel in the scent of tropical flowers, admire the ocean view, and enjoy your day with friends and family.

Chapel by the Sea – A Magnificent

Situated at Kauai lagoons, with a spectacular view of the ocean and mountains, this chapel is one of the most elegant and stylish Hawaiian wedding locations. Imagine the ceremony as French doors are opened on the gazebo styled chapel, and the breeze lightly whispers in among the guests seated in white covered chairs with sashes that match the colors you have chosen. The elegant architecture and tropical beauty of the surrounding grounds make for lovely wedding photographs before, or after, the ceremony.

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