PC – Clean Computer Fan

 PC – Clean Computer Fan


All PC are not made equivalent. A similar PC fix can fluctuate enormously from one model to another.


This article will make you through the strides of how to fix a PC to keep it running cool. On some PC models, it is exceptionally simple to eliminate and clean the CPU fan, however on others you will require a gifted expert to do the work. Cleaning computercyber.com the PC fan, for instance of an Acer Extensa, is extremely simple. To start, you will require the accompanying gear:


  1. Little screw driver
  2. Container of packed air
  3. Container of warm glue


In the first place, start by eliminating the five screws at the lower part of the PC. Tenderly pry up the cover. You may hear a slight popping commotion during evacuation yet don’t stress it should come out with no issue. Next you really want to eliminate the five screws holding down the hotness sink and afterward the two screws that hold down the CPU fan. Be careful, there is a connector joined to the fan, you really want to ensure you pull on the plastic connector to eliminate it, don’t pull on the link.


Second eliminate the hotness sink from the PC and splash it with the packed air to pass over any residue and soil that has aggregated. Then, at that point, eliminate the fan and do exactly the same thing however ensure you hold the fan wheel set up when you blow it with the air. You don’t need the fan to turn in light of the fact that the cutting edges are fragile and they could get harmed.


At long last, the last advance of this PC fix is to review the hotness sink to check whether the warm glue, which will be perched on a little copper plate, has solidified and broken. In the event that the glue is as yet the consistency of toothpaste, it shouldn’t be supplanted. Assuming anyway it has solidified, assume an acknowledgment card or some other slender plastic piece you can use to delicately scratch off the hard material on both the hotness sink you eliminated and the plate inside the PC. Try not to utilize a blade or some other metal item to safeguard you don’t scratch the copper surface. At the point when you are prepared to apply new glue, first wipe off the surfaces with a paper towel and afterward pass them over again with the packed air. Put a little spot of glue on the hotness sink and spread it equitably and place the part once more into the PC.

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