Port Charlotte Property For Sale

 Port Charlotte Property For Sale


Port Charlotte, FL is an area on the West Coast of Florida that is making waves as a top place to live in the southeast part of the United States. Recently ranked by CNN  New Port Residences EC  Money as the top place to retire, Port Charlotte is home to 48,000 people. These people range from retirees to families to everyone in between.

A Place For Retirees

The area has also been called one of the best places to live, when retired, on a budget by Where To Retire Magazine.” This increase in exposure to the area through these media outlets is allowing for increased speculation and the need for housing to supply the demand of both northerners looking to retire south, and Florida residents looking to make the hop over to this booming golden years town.

With an average age of 44, the town is old enough to have strong business ties and young enough to foster growth and education for the region.

The area was hit hard by Hurricane Charlie, as was much of the Central Part of Florida. Many home developments and forecasts were either halted or put on pause for months, if not years due to the devastating damage.

Now a few years after this natural disaster, Port Charlotte is back and booming, with the development of new homes, town homes, apartments and r



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