Stories From Our Friends & Past Babies

“We love hearing from you & your kitten!”


With so many catteries to choose between, deciding on one can be an overwhelming task. It has been suggested to us that we offer a place where people can read stories & comments written by families that have adopted one (or more!) of our kittens.  We listened.
We asked and have received the following.  Please feel free to offer any comments and we will update as needed. We hope this offers the confidence and assurance that we are the place to come for your minuet darlings.

lola 3.png

“Hi Steve & Alison,

Barakats has blessed our life and our home and we tell everyone about you guys! As soon as we get a bigger place we’re getting another kitten! We love Barakats (Lola) SO SO MUCH! It’s unbelievable. And in these times, we need all the extra love. Stay safe, and we will be in touch.

Courtney & Erica”

“Hi Steve & Alison, 

Stumpy started coming out already and letting us pet him and today he was snuggled up while I was in the room on the computer. He’s definitely getting more comfortable in the house, still a little skittish if someone moves to fast but overall becoming more social every day.

He loves getting pet and chasing around his toy mouse. He’s very social and likes to follow you around the house, such a cutie! 

 Thanks again!

Respectfully, Sam”

Stumpy (5).jpg
Toulouse (formerly Emma), happy in her new home in Newport Beach. Adopted in June 2019
Toulouse (formerly Emma), happy in her new home in Newport Beach. Adopted in June 2019

“Hi Steve & Alison, 

In about 2 days we will be celebrating Toulouse’s (we changed her name) first birthday! She is the sweetest and most adorable minuet, I am so happy that I adopted her, she brings so much joy to me and everyone who comes to visit her. We spoil her plenty with toys and wet food. She has the best personality and I don’t think it could get any better than that! We love her so much and are so glad we got to locally adopt her from you. We are planning to get another minuet just like her very soon from you. 

Thank you so much, and I feel so lucky,

in good health, Karen”


we are doing great. He [Tiny Tiger] is so sweet and lovable.  He just lays up next to me whenever he can. I’m sure you guys miss him. I got him a cat house and he loves it. Thank you.

Freddy in Lake Elsinore, CA”

Tiny Tiger (2).jpg

Hi Steve & Alison.

Here is an update on Juliette: She’s adorable & rules our house. She likes to eat all the time, but we are controlling it and usually feeding her once a day. 

We have 2 small dogs. One, a chihuahua type named Tina (also a female) and they are best buddies and play and chase each other around the house. Tucker (male) our little mixed breed just kind of ignores Juliette most of the time. 

Val’s boss, Rich, lives up in California and we found out he got his cat from you as well. His name is Romeo.

Thank you for Juliette and we hope all is well with you.

Many blessings., Chris and Val.”

“Hi! Blizzard: oh my goodness he’s been growing and is just beautiful. He’s the most gorgeous kitten! He just got neutered a couple weeks ago and it’s as if nothing ever happened to him, he’s back to his usual self. My daughter Ashni, who’s cat this is, decided to name him something she picked a day or two after we brought him home. She named him Kalea-Kalaka. It’s an extremely cumbersome name and we tried to convince her to name him something fun and easy like Bunny but she firmly said that his name would be Kalea-Kalaka. We’ve finally gotten used to the ridiculous name and we find it funny now.

He’s a very independent and sassy boy! He climbs up everything and reaches places that I would think he’s too small to reach. He will bite when he doesn’t want to be petted or handled; not something I like or was expecting but something that I’ve figured out must be a necessary thing when a 4 year old is in love with him! Our daughter rarely leaves him alone and we have to make sure he gets some alone time.

He loves our dog (who is 22 pounds and a really sweet disposition) and sometimes they will take turns chasing each other through the house. It’s beyond adorable. Everyone adores him! I’m attaching photos so you can see how he’s grown and also you can see his favorite two buddies.

I’m so happy we have him & would love to keep in touch so you can see how he grows up! (And of course we love seeing your new babies!!!)

Warmest wishes! Chandra & crew”


Blizzard, now Kalea-Kalaka, happy in his new home


Gunter (Smokey) is the sweetest cat in the world. He is always so excited when I get home and loves sleeping next to me. He loves cuddles and is obsessed with cardboard toilet paper rolls. He is the 3rd cat we have gotten from Minuet Cattery, and I couldn’t be more in love!

Brady from San Diego”

Note from us: Brady and his girlfriend have 2 other kitties from us, and Smokey was adopted as a retired breeder.

TJ, chocolate & white standard Minuet boy happy with Rachel!
TJ, chocolate & white standard Minuet boy happy with Rachel!


I just want to provide both of you with an update.

TJ had a really rough first day and was very freaked out and meowing all night, but, that’s all over. It only took 24 hours for him to adjust. 

He is the most perfect cat ever. By last night he had ate and drank a ton of water. He used the litter box and has been playing all around the house. He loves chasing the laser. He slept through last night without meowing and loves purring and snuggling. He has settled in and seems very happy!

My roommate and o love him so much already. He is in a good home. Thank you both so much!” 

~ Rachel in Marina Del Rey, CA

Hello Steve & Alison

Wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying Zoey (formerly known as Josephine). She is an absolute delight and the children can’t get enough of her sweet and cuddly personality.  We just love her.  Can’t imagine life without her.  She has adjusted really well in her new home.  Wishing you both a happy new year!!


Josephine, standard Minuet, on the right, as happy as could be…


Francine and Ted were adopted by Tim & his family. He loves them & holds the record for driving the farthest to pick them up. They hold the record for being road trip kitty champs & for the shortest amount of time to have a human wrapped around their little paw…

Francine from Tim B (2).JPG
Francine from Tim B (1).JPG
Francine from Tim B (3).JPG

“To ANYONE looking for a new best friend? STOP looking! You found it! The lady I was dealing with was actually very responsive, she was busy with family the Sunday night we arrived so I didn’t actually meet her but dealt with her AMAZING Mother. When Theodore Bear (Teddy, my Minuet) was brought out he climbed into my lap and started purring before I even touched him (which shows how much attention they give these kittens) he knew what was coming, anticipated it, and simply expected it. It was time for his full body massage. He had made an appt. and I was his designated masseuse. It was even more obvious how socialized these cats were on the way home. The trip was a lot more pleasant without any hissing. We drove straight thru and didn’t use the carrier. We put a litter box, food, water, and toys on the floor and let them run. Once the car had been thoroughly explored (multiple times by Francine (my minuet) I pretty much had a cat either sleeping on me or next to me the whole trip home. When I introduced them to my other cats they never attacked. They only hissed if hissed at and would hold a paw up in defense but NEVER swing (even when my original two were being little jerks lol) Just another testimony to how well they socialize their kittens. Francine may be the most intelligent cat I’ve ever had (And I grew up on a huge Iowa farm. We had hundreds of cats at the different farm sites) She is affectionate, you can pet her all day. She trains me. She started bumping my hand when I fed treats. Setting me up for a Pavlov experiment. I didn’t realize what she had done until I was walking down the steps to get her a treat after she bumped my hand in the bathroom. She was tired of me deciding when treat time was so trained me to get them when SHE decides its time! She also taught me to play “ winner gets treats “ hide and seek. She meows to get my attention then goes and hides. She knows if she stays hidden long enough I will shake the treat box and she can come out for her victory reward. Teddy should have been named Otis, or Bubba. He is either a little slow minded and just easy going or he is brilliant, has it all figured out and is just enjoying being a (SUPER) spoiled cat. I didn’t know this before I got him (I was originally just after Francine, Teddy just kind of happened). He is the softest cat I’ve ever petted. I could pet him all day! I could also add to this testimony all week long and still not say enough good about this place. Their cats are amazing, rivaled only by how amazing the humans that raised them are! If you want a cat (or two) that is already socialized, litter trained, and vaccinated you can find them a lot of places – but be careful. Even as careful as I was I was scammed for $1500 before I found Steve and Alison… But. If you want a kitten that is all that PLUS, one that will love everyone in your house (they even get along with my Rotweiller) then adopt from here. You will get the cat you paid for. And it will be AMAZING! Beyond your wildest dreams. We don’t know how we ever got along without these two! ~ Tim B. in Minnesota”

“I first adopted my non-standard kitten in August. In all honesty, I was not a cat person at the time but I had faith I would love her regardless. I immediately fell in love with her after bringing home. It was only a few months later that I decided she needed a friend to keep her company while I was at work. My boyfriend and I went back to Steve to purchase a second. I had every intention of getting a female non-standard again but soon after arriving, we fell in love with the smallest standard boy of an all girl litter. We knew he was the one for us. I can say whole heartedly that these minuets are the best decision I have ever made. My two kittens have such different personalities and they mesh together so well. They are calm, sweet, and full of personality all at the same time. If you are thinking about buying from Steve and Alison, think no more. I promise you will not regret it. These kitties are the best part of my day.”

Kalli in San Diego, CA

Tatum and Sugarplum, not wanting to leave Kalli’s side
Tatum and Sugarplum, not wanting to leave Kalli’s side
Storm (Sake).JPG

Hi Steve & Alison,

we just wanted to write to you and let you know Storm is doing great! She is such a cute kitten. We actually have an Instagram for her set up.

Thanks again,


Hi Steve & Alison,

Biggie (previously Zander) is such a handsome boy and we love him sooo much. He’s grown to be a very sweet and loving boy. Even though we named him Biggie…he’s still a tiny man at 6lbs! Lol He’s so adorable with his short little legs and round face. And his odd-eyes make him so unique! Everyone who’s ever sees him just adores him! Thank you for such a kind, loving, and handsome cat. Biggie is now a big part of family and with some luck I could convince my husband to get another one of your beautiful kittens to join our crew! 

Feel free to share his photos. We adore him – he is so gorgeous, and sweet and he loves to play! He actually comes running when I call his name!”

Thanks again, best regards, Joy”

Zander now Biggie (1).jpg
Zander now Biggie (2).jpg

Biggie, content, and happy. He is our first odd-eye Minuet kitten ever.


“We adopted Sprite from you about 2.5 years ago. Immediately he became my fur baby and the best companion ever. Just wanted to say thank you for this sweet boy. He is doing great. He is an absolute angel. Such a little fluff ball, haha. He is definitely my little boy forever.  I am hoping to adopt another Minuet in the near future and I hope I can adopt from you again. Thank you again and have a great day.”

~ Tanya in San Diego, CA

“Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that Toby (originally Snickers) is doing really great; he’s very spoiled and loved by all the family and friends. He has the greatest personality! He loves to be around everyone and is never shy. We couldn’t love him more! Thank you!”

~ Pat in Sarasota, FL

snickers 2.jpg
Daredevil Girl, can you help with homework too?
Daredevil Girl, can you help with homework too?

Hey Steve & Alison,

She is doing wonderfully and loves her new space, she has gotten a bit bigger but still is a little girl, she loves sitting on the windowsill, she’s cuddly when she’s in the mood and loves her food, I don’t think she’d ever stop eating if we kept the wet food coming, thanks again for the great service and raising her, I’ll attach some photos for you, hoping all is well for you in the new year so far and you’ll hear from us again soon.

best, Jake”

Hi Steve & Alison,

Hope all is well!

Chloe (formerly Lady Blue) was spayed a week ago so she is in bad mood at the moment.

Here are some reflections on the past few months:

She is a little bit timid at some time but most of the time very very sweet. Even when she feels a bit upset, she is still gentle to human beings, rarely scratch or bite. She is overall healthy and I am very happy with that. Many thanks to you and your wife for raising my lovely furry friend 🙂

I am always considering adopting another boy Minuet cat, but I still prefer silver shade young boy. So if you have any such kitten, I would love to take into consideration.

Thank you for providing so many helpful informations to me.

Best regards,


Chloe, standard blue tabby, happy with Rosie in Westwood, CA
Chloe, standard blue tabby, happy with Rosie in Westwood, CA
Annaka and London.JPG
London jan 2019.jpg

Hi Steve & Alison,

Hope you are well.  Tomcat – now called London 🙂 – is doing well.  Even better the last few days.  

We made him a sanctuary in our guest bathroom and put all of his comforts in there.  the first few days he hid beneath the sink and refused to venture out.  After a few days he became a little curious and would peek at us from the door but run back in if we attempted to come close.

My daughter Annaka would sit with him and eventually he let her pet him and then eventually hold him.  He started purring and now they are fast friends and he will even nap with her for a little bit.

We love him so much and are so happy.  photos attached.

thank you again. we will keep in touch with updates.

very best,


London (Tomcat) with his new bestie, Annaka – he has the look of the happiest kitty ever!

“He (Marble) is doing great and had adjusted well over here. He’s really active and loves to play all the time. Ha. Thanks!”

~ Nick in Rancho Cordova, CA

Marble (right) our medium hair lilac and white standard (short little legs) Minuet boy, relaxing happy at his new home!

Image (1).jpg

Hi Steve & Alison,

Thor is doing very well! He is our sassy little guy and we love him so much. He gets along great with our dog and our kids adore him. He loves to be with family all the time, especially tries to get involved with puzzles, computers etc.

I am sending a couple of pics of his shenanigans!

best, Tracey”

“ Hi there,

as you can see Zoey is doing great… a bit on the chubby side, but a very happy,  healthy, beautiful kitty.

We look forward to hearing about, and seeing pictures of, your new kitties. We would like a standard minuet female and would prefer light coloring or calico. 

Take care & stay safe
Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Zoey is doing well in Monsesano, WA and is getting ready to welcome a new kitten friend!!
Zoey is doing well in Monsesano, WA and is getting ready to welcome a new kitten friend!!

Hi Steve & Alison,

Archie has grown a lot into a handsome boy. He is just perfect in every way.

~ George in San Dimas, CA”

“I have Chibi. He is doing pretty well. He is sooo sweet! Eating and drinking goat milk. Thank you very much for all of your help. He is tooooooo cute!”

~ Miracle in Boston, MA


Chibi, meaning “tiny”, is our standard medium hair lilac Minuet boy who is now happily living in the East Coast. He was adopted as a teenager and is doing great!

Thumper living up to his foodie title in Playa Del Rey, CA
Thumper living up to his foodie title in Playa Del Rey, CA

Hi Steve & Alison,

I’ve attached a photo of Thumper. He is a big foodie, makes funny meows (especially when he wants food), and is calm and sweet. He was shy the first couple days and had a mild eye issue, but adjusted in about a week. Now he will rub his face on our hands and waits at the door like a puppy. All our kitties also play with and groom each other (one thing that we’re all very happy to see). 

Thank you again,



Mistletoe, now Sanma, has joined another Minuet boy from us, who is named Toro….

Dear Steve & Alison

They seems to get along better day by day.  Toro got more comfortable with Sanma’s presence and he’s pretty much acting as usual now. For now I think they are becoming buddies. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to think about this and providing the support we needed. 

best, Songkran and Sarah”

Toro (golden British Shorthair), and Sanma (blue tortie British Shorthair), sharing a meal in Santa Clara, CA
Toro (golden Minuet), and Sanma (blue tortie Minuet), sharing a meal in Santa Clara, CA

Hi Steve & Alison

Hope this reaches you well. Simba (formerly Stardust), has been with us for 2 days. He just begins to get used to our home and we love him a lot. He sleeps a lot in the afternoon and meows after we go to sleep. We are trying our best to love him and guide him with our new home. So far he is still a little bit timid and nervous but has shown a very good progress. Hope we can take care of him well and we would love to send you more pictures.  He looks very good. I attached some pictures of him and thank you so much for letting us have him.

Thank you and have a nice day.”

Simba (left), in his new cat tree, is happily living with newlyweds Li & Candice in Diamond Bar, CA

Hello Steve & Alison,

Time really has flown by since we came to pick up S’mores to bring to his forever home. He has adjusted extremely well as it only took him a few days within the first week to get used to his surroundings. After 2 weeks, he became comfortable being around my boyfriend and I. After 3 weeks, he was ready to venture out into other rooms. Now reaching his 4 months, he has grown to be adventurous, playful, and a great cuddle buddy. S’mores has become fearless standing next to our elder husky, Hakuu. Playing with anything and everything. We cannot be happier. 🙂

Attached are a few photos I hope you enjoy. Thank you for raising such a wonderful kitten who will be forever loved. He has been a joy and an amazing addition to the family. 

Much love, Christal”


S’mores and his big brother, husky Hakuu.


“She is doing so great! She’s so social and fun and playful and cuddly. I love her!”

~ Madison, El Segundo, CA

Sadie, now Olive, the smallest and cutest of her standard minuet siblings is now living the Hollywood life in Los Angeles! We are delighted to get updates.

Hi Steve & Alison,

I hope you are both keeping well. I just wanted to give you an update on Maple (we call her Lulu). She is very happy with us and has settled in nicely. She has become friends with Sumo, our Tonkinese. Noddy, our other Minuet is tolerant of her but they haven’t played together yet. She has a ferocious appetite and thinks that any food (including ours) is hers. She is very loving, loves to watch tv and runs around like a maniac! We absolutely adore her.

I have sent you a short clip of the outdoor room and a couple of pics of it as well. Lulu loves to sit out there, especially early morning and watches the squirrels and birds at play. She is fascinated by them.”

Blessings to you both, Nasso & Craig

Lulu, Sumo & Noddy have a whole catio for themselves to enjoy!
Lulu, Sumo & Noddy have a whole catio for themselves to enjoy!

Pabu (formerly Gingerbread) and her buddy Appa (formerly Snowfall). Living up to the Minuet name, being playful “forever kittens”

Hi Steve & Alison,

Thank you for bringing these two little balls of joy into my life. I take photos of them every chance I get because no matter what they’re doing, they always look so cute doing it! Snowfall (now named Appa) is definitely the cuddler. 99.99% of the time that I am on my computer, she lays herself in my lap to take a nap. As for Gingerbread (now named Pabu), she was extremely shy the first week that I had her but she has opened up so much now! When I come home from work at 5PM everyday, she is always perched up on my window sill waiting for me to come home. They both make me feel sooo loved everyday. Whenever I go to the restroom or into the kitchen, they follow me around and rub up against my legs every chance they get. Even when I go to take a shower, they are always waiting right outside the shower door for me.

Though they are both about a year and a half in age at the time of this email, they still both look and act just like kittens. I have attached some of my favorite photos for you to enjoy!

Thank you again <3

Warmest regards, Vivian”



We absolutely adore MJ! We kept his name which stands for Mister July, his birth month 🙂 Our big cat is still adjusting 😉 but the rest of our family couldn’t be happier. He loves to play and cuddle, and he melts our hearts with his sweet little face. We love him so much! 

Carla & Tony” 

MJ (Minuet) just relaxing and looking so happy in his new home with his loving family!

Hi Steve & Alison!

They {Noah & Nolan} are doing really good!

Time flies and they are growing fast, look at how cute they are! They are active and playful. I love them so much, so do my friends! Thank you for bringing me them!

Here are some photos!”

~ Yuanhao

Noah & Nolan 2.jpg
Noah & Nolan.jpg

Minuet Brothers Noah & Nolan in their favorite cat tree, so content!

Oatmeal and Orchid looking happy and relaxed loving their new family.
Oatmeal and Orchid looking happy and relaxed loving their new family.

Hi Steve & Alison,

Oatmeal and Orchid are such cute and cuddly kittens! Steve and Alison did a very good job training and preparing them for their new home because upon coming to their new home, they were litterbox trained and comfortable. Oatmeal and Orchid have very good personalities. Orchid is brave and graceful; Oatmeal is inquisitive and mischievous. Both of them also love cuddling up near or on us, very puppy-like. Getting two at the same time was definitely the right choice for us as these siblings are having a blast playing with each other all the time.

Best regards, Anthony & Ava, Oatmeal & Orchid”

Hi Steve & Alison!

Just wanted to let you both know that Wanda and Blue Angel are adjusting well to their new home, there have been no issues and the vet thought they were both precious and healthy. I’ve attached some pictures for you, they play together, nap together and use the litter box together… pretty much inseparable 🙂
I’m in love with these two, absolute sweethearts with big personalities. The process was painless, Steve and Alison were very communicative and responsive to my inquiries and made sure I had everything I needed to give them a loving home.  The kittens were very well cared for and had a clean bill of health from the vet.  Not to mention they love humans and very social with other cats.  Wish I could take them all home but instead will highly recommend to anyone looking for a cute, loving addition to their family. Thank you both so much again, they are an absolute joy to have in my life.”

~ Wendy in Santa Monica, CA

Blue Angel.jpg
Blue Angel & Wanda - inseparable friends!
Blue Angel & Wanda – inseparable friends!
Oliver & Dejah, happy to be home
Oliver & Dejah, happy to be home

“ Oliver and Dejah (new name) are doing well. We just got home from Cincinnati and I think they are happy to be home! Oliver missed his window perch. He has grown so much I can’t believe it! I changed their instagram name when I named Dejah. 

Dejah is named after a Martian Warrior Princess from the Edger Rice Burrough’s John Carter of Mars books. I thought it fitting as she is able to hold her own with Oliver. They are both doing well and Dejah is eating everything!  They are both very sweet and playful. “

~ best, Georgia, Oliver & Dejah ~  

Hello Steve & Alison

We brought Kira (Minuet, white and silver) home back in July. She adjusted quickly and ventured out of her carrier in less than 10 minutes of settling her down in the bedroom. 

Since then she’s been full of energy and developing her silly personality. She keeps Brian company when he works from home and she enjoys girl time when I get home in the evening. She loves hanging out on the catio (cat proof patio) and cuddles in the early mornings. She loves non-cat toys, boiled chicken breast, but downs toile catnip. 

We love her so much and are so happy that she completes our little family.

Jackie & Brian” (November 2018)

Hello Steve & Alison

We can’t thank you enough for Kira and Reni! It only took a couple of days to get Kira used to Reni’s smell and within a few days they were best friends playing all night long like a children’s sleepover.

Reni is so affectionate and wants to be cuddled by us or Kira all the time. He is super sweet and gentle. He loves to sleep right up against one of us. Kira has always been sweet and playful. She’s more of a diva so she likes to sleep in her own space, and play hard. At first we thought that she didn’t like him because she used to swat at his face but he’s so easy going that he didn’t do anything back. Now he understand that it means that she wants to wrestle so they play and chase each other around. And today was the first time we saw them groom each other and sleep together. 

They fill our home with laughter and love. Our family is complete for now. We are so grateful! 

Thank you again! Jackie and Brian” (February 2019)

Kira and Reni (1).jpg
Kira and Reni (2).jpg
Kira and Reni.jpg
Mimi, posing pretty……
Mimi, posing pretty……

“Just letting you know Grump and Mimi are doing well,they are really growing they weigh 3 lbs now and love playing with each other and well you were right 2 are better!! They are my babies. My little Yorkie wasn’t too sure at first, but she loves them now. They went straight to their little box but Grump watched my Yorkie, and Grump now goes where my Yorkie goes. I love to snuggle with them. They are my joy! They really are beautiful kittens thank you again I love them.“

~Robin in Homeland, CA

….and Grump, blue standard minuet boy
….and Grump, blue standard Minuet boy

Hi Steve & Alison,

Oolong, is doing well. I took him to the vet last Thursday & he seems like he’s perfectly healthy. He started eating on Thursday morning as well. He’s adjusting very well and is becoming more adventurous every day. Here’s some new photos of him in his new home.

Sincerely, Weishi”

Jasper & Pearl. Two are so much better than one!
Jasper & Pearl. Two are so much better than one!

Hi Steve & Alison,

 I am in love with now Pearl and Jasper (Lady Lavender and Little Boy Blue). They have adjusted to our home really well. They have been a ball of energy and play well together with our dogs that are also in the household. The experience was great being able to meet you at the airport & the kittens did very well flying back with us and when entered into our home, they just played. They have not stopped since and it has been an exciting adventure with these two! Would definitely recommend getting a kitten, better two. I have loved having the kittens home.

best, Lisa, Pearl & Jasper” ~ Gig Harbor, WA

Tatum has just been recently adopted by Kalli, and she is adjusting wonderfully here in San Diego, CA.

Tatum in her new home with Kalli
Tatum in her new home with Kalli
Handsome boy, Quido, above
Handsome boy, Quido, above

“ I knew from the first moment I saw him on the website that he would make a precious addition to our family. Our kitten could not be sweeter. We love him so much. Quido is the sweetest. Thank you again! ”

~ Behnaz in Germantown, MD September 2018

Hi Steve & Alison,

Both kittens ( Teddy & Terry ) are doing really well! We are so glad that we were able to bring both of them home together. They love playing and sleeping with each other. We have so much fun playing with them!

Thank you very much,
Cory and family in Temecula, CA

Note from our cattery: we always suggest to adopt 2 kittens together, it makes the transition immeasurably easier, and your family has twice the joy & love!

Siblings Teddy and Terry got to stay together - yeay!
Siblings Teddy and Terry got to stay together – yeay!

Hi Steve & Alison

I am emailing to let you know Tinkerbell is now called Delilah, and we are completely in love. She is absolutely tiny and her short little legs are the cutest, but trust me, they do NOT slow her down!! She is so fast!! She’s such an adventurous and vocal kitten who loves to play and explore, but she is also so cuddly and will sleep on her back in our arms. It is the utmost cuteness. She loves to look into our eyes so soulfully and will clearly grow up to be a perfect cat. Thank you guys again for everything!!!

She is such a blessing!

Love from Cheyenne, Colorado, and Mitch”      August 2018

Hi Steve & Alison,

Prince Harry is the most adorable, sweetest and bravest kitty I’ve ever seen! We renamed him Harry. He explored on the first day soon as we opened the carrier for him- I could tell he was a little shaken up by the transport experience, but the good thing is I think he knows how to express him by meowing. He meows when he wants to play, meows when hungry, meows when feeling alone and homesick. Harry curled up against my arm on the first night, guess he’s starting to like me 😉

He’s smart to find his new litter box and use it right away.
The flight and new environment did make him a little sick, he’s having a cold- already much better today, I’m sure he will adapt soon.

We’re so grateful for our choice, hoping Harry can light up White Paws. Thank you again for making thoughtful recommendations and being transparent throughout this whole process. I’m sending some pictures along with this email.

thanks again, Shay & family” July 2018

Prince Harry posing
Prince Harry posing
Momo (BSH), totally trusting and relaxing at home
Momo (Minuet), totally trusting and relaxing at home

“Momo (formerly Emerald) is the best thing that ever happened to my family this year! This adorable kitty brought us a lot of happiness and joy. My husband and I cannot stop smiling at him and spend most of our time playing with him 🙂

He is amazingly friendly and gentle. He loves to cuddle and be touched. He always sleeps on our bed between my husband and I, and wakes us up with his gentle touches in the morning. It is definitely the best alarm in the world.

Thank you so much for breeding such a wonderful kitten!!

We will send you more of his pictures soon!”

~ Suhyun Jo & Jonathan in Los Angeles, CA

Momo, at one year old now, a very handsome boy!


“Dixie has been the best kitten I could have asked for. She was very nervous at first but after the third day, she was very comfortable with myself and everyone who would come by. Now she is a very outgoing and playful kitten that loves to run around the entire apartment. She is also very loving and shows it by following me to every room I go to and taking her naps next to me. I also love how she likes to sleep on her back which is the first I’ve seen a kitten do. She makes me laugh and so happy that now I always want to be home with her all the time. She is the best kitten I could have asked for!!!”

~ Albert in Hollywood, CA

Dixie, who loves to sleep like this - look at those short cute legs!
Dixie, who loves to sleep like this – look at those short cute legs!

“Little Huckleberry is home safe and sound. He ate wet food, explored, and now has his favorite spot under the bed. He is doing well and will begin adjusting in no time. He is such a joy and we love him so much!!! Thank you for everything.”

~ Sarah in Salt Lake City, UT

Hi Steve & Alison!

Giselle arrived in good shape! We are totally in LOVE!!   She is so cute & very affectionate. She is adjusting pretty well. 

Thank you so much! We are very happy,”

~ Cathy and Sami in Newtown, PA

Giselle looking cute in her new home
Giselle looking cute in her new home
Irish Cream2.jpg
Irish Cream 1.jpg

“Thank you so much for our new kitty! We adore him! He is so sweet. He is doing great! Totally warmed up to us yesterday. Thank you again.”

~ Chelsea, Harper & family in Las Vegas, NV

Harper snuggling with Irish Cream, now called Cinnamon.

“Hi. We named her Evie (formerly Grace Kitty) – her personality is spirited, curious and daring. She and Ashby are fast becoming loving companions. Our vet says Evie is healthy and will be getting her third immunization shot on the 3rd of July. She is already has insurance just in case her bravery gets her in a bit of of a pickle. She is eating and drinking well (including goat’s milk) and having fun exploring our home which is nice and roomy for all of us. Presently Ashby and Evie are napping together – so very sweet. Please stay in touch, we will try to keep you updated.

Till next time, Vaughn and Pearl” in Simi Valley, CA

“Hi. Just wanted to update you on Evie. She was spayed on Monday. She did well and is recovering brilliantly. It is a challenge for her to remain confined to her playpen since she is very playful and active when well. We, especially Ashby, just love her spirit and personality – she is very sweet but an adorable rascal. Curious about everything and everyone. Evie stays close to me and let’s me know when she wants to know where I am if separated too long – 5 minutes or so. 
Have a wonderful holiday season and speak with you soon.

Warmly, Vaughn and Pearl (of course the little ones also)”

Ashby & Evie, best of friends
Ashby & Evie, best of friends

Note from our cattery, Evie joined Ashby previously adopted from us by Vaughn and Pearl – so glad they can be loving friends!

Munchie, formerly Duchess
Munchie, formerly Duchess

Hi Steve & Alison,

Munchie (formerly Duchess) sleeps with me at night and last night I woke up to find her lying on my chest. She now likes to ride in the truck and I am training her to go for walks with me on a leash. I’ll try to send a video of that. I think she is starting to get the hang of it.

My Mother has 5 dogs and Munchie fearlessly navigates her way around them.  I keep a very vigilant eye but wanted her to feel comfortable around other animals.

In short, she is amazing. Affectionate, smart, playful AND the PERFECT SIZE!!!  Oh I know, she will get bigger, but not too much I hope!!  She has 2 cat trees and numerous toys scattered around the house.  She loves the plastic ‘screws’ and the 3 tiered-ball toys that you recommended.

Her companionship is helping me deal with a difficult situation.  Everyone who meets her falls immediately in love!

Thank you for such a wonderful animal”.

~ Kathryn in Eureka, CA


I am glad to report that Munchie and Minnie are getting along better except for the occasional pinning to the ground of Minnie…by Munchie!  I think Munchie enjoys having a playmate. Minnie is very sweet and adorable. And fast.  She zooms around and is often hard to catch.  Munchie is extremely sociable and cosy’s up to my Mom’s dogs and greets strangers.  Minnie stays upstairs at my Mom’s house away from the dogs.

They are so much fun, adorable and a constant pleasure to all.  My husband has exclaimed that “Minnie is perfect”!

I love them both and am so glad I found you guys.

Holiday Cheer – KK”

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