The Making of the Slingshot  

 The Making of the Slingshot


Slingshot History

As far as history is concerned it appears that the birth of the slingshot occurred in Russia. “Rogatka” means slingshot in Russian. The root word being “rog”, means “horn”. The “Rogatka,” 7mm rem mag for sale  was a smaller simpler version of the slingshot. In “Ancient Rus” a larger heavier implement of war was referred to as a “rogatina, according to [Jack H. Koehler, Slingshot Shooting, Sling Publishing. Isbn=0.9765311-00].

The availability of vulcanized rubber was used in the construction of the classic form of slingshots. Tire inner tube provided the most common source of rubber tubing. If this theory is accurate, then slingshots were probably no constructed before 1888. Many people considered a slingshot to be a child’s toy, up until the end of WWII. The first slingshots were constructed from the fork of a tree branch. As it turns out the wood from a Dogwood tree made an ideal wood source for the construction of slingshots. The red rubber inner tubes were superior to the later model black inner tubes because the red rubber was more elastic. Now, rubber compositions involve synthetics.

The Wham-O, company in 1949 produced the first sophisticated modern slingshots, which featured the first wrist-braced slash slingshot.

During the winter of 1953 a family named Ellengurg invented the wrist-braced slingshot/catapult. This simple but functional version of the slingshot incorporated the use of the bumper from a 1946 Willes, Jeep, as a work bench. Next, a dog collar was fashioned into a brace for the wrist. The pioneering genius of the slingshot can be documented with the major role that Howard Ellenburg and sons provided.



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