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I dedicate this one to my aspiring video editor friends. You will see some cool tutorial edit video di adobe premiere pro cc 2015 free download and tricks as well and how to tackle different challenges while working on the Premiere Pro CC You can use avobe same logic in almost every Adobe video editing product. Video Editing is fun. Just open YouTube and see for yourself.

How many amazing videos are out there? So how are 205 getting it done whilst you are sitting here wondering? With the help of this video editing tutorial, I will make sure you get in on all the action as fast as possible. By the end of having learnt how to use Adobe Premiere Pro CCyou will be creating your own videos just like all the cool peeps. You must be wondering by now — why Adobe Premiere Pro? Well Adobe provides you tons of reliable, easy to use and dependable products and one of these adobe photoshop tutorial for beginners free is titled Premiere Pro.

It is a video production and editing software that comes in handy when you are aiming to create your very own movie. In order to tutorial edit video di adobe premiere pro cc 2015 free download how to use Adobe Premiere Pro CCyou need узнать больше first have the software on your system.

You can download the Software from the official website of Adobe. Just click on the Premiere Pro button or the Pr symbol. The setup will download. Adobe gives you a trial of sorts first. You need to buy the full version if you plan on acquiring it for full-time usage. I will be helping you to learn the basics of how to use Adobe Premiere Pro CC in this video editing tutorial using steps.

Once you have downloaded the product the next thing is, нажмите сюда course, installing it on your system. Once you are past that and you open the application this is what you would get:. Step 1: Click on New project. Step 2: Just enter a cool name for your project, provide the location where you wish the project to be saved.

You can leave the latter since it will feed a default location. Then click on Ok. All the symbols and tools might be overwhelming to see at first glance but I assure you, as you will keep working on it, you will come to revere and love this version of your workplace. As you can see there are four main panels each serving a different purpose. You can, of course, at any time, change the workspace depending upon your needs. For starters, we will let defaults be defaults.

Tutorial edit video di adobe premiere pro cc 2015 free download 3: Time to import some media to get things going. That is basically a representation of your hard drive and will reflect any folder you wish to add there. Double click on the panel. It will open an Import dialog box. You can specifically add a video to be imported through there.

Alternatively just drag and drop the folder or video you wish to add into that panel, that premierw do the trick as well. Step 4: So I went ahead and dragged and dropped my folder into the panel. Once you double click the folder you will get something like this:. It is known as the bin and is useful in displaying all your videos in the form of thumbnails so you get a better insight at the videos you wish to add.

You can choose to delete videos from the bin too by selecting them and pressing the delete button. When you do, you will notice that the video automatically opens in your Source panel located on the left side. You can choose to close the bin it can be opened again by a mere double click on the folder so chill! One of the most basic things to do in a video is to get only a portion of it for your movie.

You would be required to remove the unrequired bits and focus on what you need at a lot of junctures. Using that marker click on the part from where you wish to begin the trimming. It will set a marker In point.

Figured that out? Timeline is the place where your actual editing will be taken care of. It will be recording the stuff you do with your video and audio, will help you assemble other pieces of video and audio to perform other video editing stuff.

In your case, it might have an Audio timeline too. The most basic way to trim a clip is using the drag method. It would also point where you can push your clip to trim. The other way to trim ttutorial video is tytorial using Razor Tool. It is cf blade symbol attached alongside timeline. Then make necessary cuts or incisions on your video clip. I have made four of them as you can see. Then move around the clips by dragging and dropping them where you wish to put them. You can check how the whole clip would appear by pressing the Spacebar button to play информацию.

download vmware workstation 12 player 32 bit free download статья clips in the Program Panel. You might remember transitions downloac Powerpoint or from a cool movie wherein when a frame changes from one form to another it appears to fade in or fade out. There are tons of transition effects available in Premiere Pro, and goes without saying that it is one of those interesting steps of learning How to Use Adobe Premiere Pro CC It will use the default transition of Fading and place it at the beginning or ending of the video clip you have selected.

You will notice a small button created like this on either side of the video clip you have selected. Step 2: Go ahead and repeat Step 1 for tutorial edit video di adobe premiere pro cc 2015 free download your vodeo clips so that each transition from one video to another has videl Fading effect.

Step 3: Now run the video using backspace in the program panel and you will see the difference. NOTE: In order to delete the effects, you can simply click on the button like structure and then press delete. Yes, there are tons of effects that come with the software.

Step 2: Navigate to the part that says Video Transitions. Select any preferred transition effect and drag and drop to your clip. Step 3: Press Play and tytorial out how the transition appears on your video clips. There are many gorgeous transitions. Go ahead and play around with them. Step 1: Drag your video and audio by selecting them and moving across the timeline to incorporate some space for the title clip. You know, just making things cool. Notice the editing area provided to you.

It has all the cool fonts that you can use to press out a cool title. I am gonna keep things simple for now. Step 4: Type in whatever title you wish to type. Step 6: Click on close button of the editor. Step 7: Go to the Project Panel. If it is not in your project panel it might be in your Bin.

Step 8: Simply drag and fideo it in your Por Timeline just like you did for all your video clips before. You can see them take form by playing the video in the program panel.

You can get rid of all such extra spaces in between videos by clicking on that space and then right clicking and selecting ripple delete. Now that you are sure that this is what tutorial edit video di adobe premiere pro cc 2015 free download want for your video, you need to Export the video in the format you wish. This is one of those crucial steps on how to use Adobe Premiere Pro CCsince you are getting the end product ready to be uploaded gutorial Youtube.

Vdeo 2: Select the format you wish to see the video in. By default, AVI would be selected. I am just gonna go ahead and click on Export. On microsoft 2016 free trial free download on Export больше информации small tutorial edit video di adobe premiere pro cc 2015 free download box might open that would start processing the video, encoding and what not.

Just relax for a while till it closes automatically. Step tutorial edit video di adobe premiere pro cc 2015 free download Locate the created file on your hard disk. It must be in your Documents folder where Adobe folder is located.

Keep watching the Adobe Category space on our website to see more cool stuff you could achieve using the software. Read all these cool video editing tutorials that will help you get a good grasp on how to use Adobe Premiere Pro CC Software Engineer. Author of “Songs of a Ruin” and proud owner of four websites and two production houses. Also, one of the geekiest Test Automation Engineers based in Ahmedabad.

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Tutorial edit video di adobe premiere pro cc 2015 free download


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