Why Houston’s Outsourcing Hotshot Freight Delivery and How it Benefits the Large Corporation

 Why Houston’s Outsourcing Hotshot Freight Delivery and How it Benefits the Large Corporation


To say Houston is the hub of the oil and gas industry is to also say Houston is the hub of freight delivery solutions. Many of the large corporations are bypassing their   Nangs  own freight delivery solutions and outsourcing to smaller hotshot delivery logistics. But is this a benefit to the larger corporations or does it compromise the integrity of the load?

These questions are not uncommon and small company owners or small departments within large company need guidance and practical answers. Many times thousands of dollars can be saved for all of a company’s freight logistic needs by hiring local and maximizing costs through “collaboration”.

This principal is not new to the freight delivery industry but larger companies are just now realizing the benefits of cutting back during these tough economic times. This process of consolidating with other shipments in the close vicinity is not only cost effective but environmentally productive. This “consolidation” is the preferred method instead of sending large half empty company trucks and delivering single shipments within one load.

For example, a “Load” out of Houston is considered 10,000 pounds in weight and less than 14 feet. If a shipment is less than that, the term used is LTL shipping, or “less than load” shipment. To combine shipments even going to different locations would be the best cost effective resolution. Larger oil companies out of Houston are using this method. By contracting smaller freight companies out of Houston and not using their own trucks, is also much more beneficial for the environment by saving on gas.

For most of his freight deliveries out of Houston, hiring a smaller company or sourcing out a smaller freight company saves money, and the delivery times and safety of the load is overseen by the owner and not some big company department that has your best interest secondary. Outsourcing freight delivery has the integrity of the owner or ceo on the line and it is a great way to save money, and lock in the reliability by the owner insuring that the delivery rests on the CEO’s reputation and integrity. Outsourcing can also give you delivery quotes based on single loads, consolidated loads, multiple loads and even contractual loads based on usage within a given period of time.



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