Women in Leadership Roles – What Is Leadership?

 Women in Leadership Roles – What Is Leadership?


How often have you heard it said that a person is a born leader? But are leaders really ‘born’ or are leadership skills acquired?

What is leadership?

Leadership is more Leadership Coaching  than just setting goals or tasks. Leadership is defining a vision and inspiring others to achieve it. Women in leadership roles are particularly good at defining an objective and directing a group to achieve the goal in a cohesive manner. A good leader shows the way and fosters an environment where all members of the group feel engaged in the project.

Women have a fantastic ability to form strong emotional connections, be empathic and supportive. While these are wonderful traits, women in leadership positions need to be careful not to blur the boundaries.

What makes a good leader?

There are several common personality traits that women in leadership roles demonstrate.

Be a good listener

A leader needs to set the direction, but a good leader also listens to the input of others. By keeping an open mind and listening to ideas, new ways to achieve objectives can be found. A good leader makes sure everyone in the group feels heard and has the opportunity to contribute.


Be focussed and motivated

A good leader is enthusiastic and focussed on the task, but also about their role as a leader. People respond to passion and positive energy, and a good leader keeps the team motivated leading by example.


Be available

One trait of women and leadership that often comes up is being ‘available’. Women are often more empathic than men, and as such are more ‘available’ to their team members. Team members need to feel they can approach their leader and speak freely. Just as important is to keep the whole team engaged, by scheduling team meetings where progress can be discussed, and issues can be raised.


Be decisive.



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